Week in Review (Feb.23 - Feb. 29) & Looking Forward to (March 1 - March 7)

Week in Review (Feb.23 – Feb.29)

EquitiesAll equities saw a selloff over the last week in one of the largest point declines weekly in history. The largest DIA daily point decline in history occurred. We hit multiple gaps and made a few successful trades in 200-900% gain. Trades identified last week would have ALL been profitable – DIA, SMH, AAPL, SPY, MSFT. CoV fears accelerated with spread going to over 31 countries.

Crypto Bitcoin and Gold both saw a selloff as the general market sold off with CoV fears. We luckily exited GBTC and wait for the next entry.

Looking Forward to (March 1 – March 7)

EquitiesMarket fears will intensify in my opinion. Video analysis shows possibility of DJI at 13K or 18K. Which means we still have 3x the previous weeks decline possibly to go. I fully expect national quarantine based on the video analysis comparing Ebola and H1N1 2009 outbreak.

CryptoGoal entry is $7700 or lower for Bitcoin. GBTC $8.80 or lower. We are bearish in trend and RSI on the Weekly view, which just started. About 80%+ of the time, bearish weekly dot results in cheaper price following week. Could go lower or reverse after March 7.

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