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Instant Alerts and Live Updates are available through Discord

  • For paid members, Instant Alerts and Live Updates are available through Discord app.  Discord is free, live, can be used on PC or Mac, and iPhone or Android.  So you can be mobile and get updates on new money patterns wherever you are if orders change or new ideas are posted.

  • To get invited to the Money Patterns private server for Instant Alerts, login on and go to the Open Orders section.  Click the gold button for "Info On Live Updates" in the top right.  You will then be connected.

  • For iPhone or Android, please go to the App Store and search for "Discord".

  • Once you login to the Discord room, please introduce yourself so that I know your username.  I need to assign "Approved Member" roles to users or you will get kicked.  If you have any issues, please email

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